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We are inviting senior business executives, professionals and investors to be part of our Global Insight Panel.

We want your insights and opinions on a variety of topics including world events, the global economy, and your local business environment, as well as your opinions about the advertising and editorial you see in business and financial media.

We will also be seeking information from you to make sure Bloomberg's media and other related products/services meet your needs.

In return for your co-operation we will make available to panellists top line results from the surveys, and other pertinent data is available, to provide you with insight into what your peers are thinking.

Please be assured that your answers will be anonymous and treated in confidence and that your details will never be sold or given to any third party.

This panel is being operated on Bloomberg's behalf by GMI
GMI is a global provider of integrated market intelligence solutions that enable organizations to conduct global research and enterprise feedback.
Of the world's 25 largest research firms, 21 use GMI market research services including global panels and integrated software applications.
GMI operates offices worldwide, serving over 1400 clients in more than 60 countries. Click here to visit the GMI website.